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This course is formatted to be 12-weeks long at one module per week, but is a self-paced program. Take your time in your studies, zooming through will not benefit you in the long run. Each module has enough information to be absorbed in one week increments.


Upon committing to the course, you will receive allowance into our private Facebook group. This group is filled with past and present students and is a place where ideas can be shared or questions can be answered. This is a lovely community of encouragement and support!


There are 12 modules to this course. Unlike other design courses, Jennifer's includes business tactics to equip you with the skills needed to be a success. Design principles are taught and industry secrets shared to give you everything you need to begin your journey with confidence.


There is lifetime access to this course. If you need to revisit a module for a reminder, it will be there waiting for you. This course will also be updated with any information Jennifer deems important for her students to learn. You will always have access to new information.


In addition to our Facebook group, weekly Zoom calls are scheduled with Jennifer. These calls are an opportunity to ask her questions or get advice in a personal avenue. Jennifer wants you to succeed- take advantage of this call and come prepared to participate!


This course is an investment into your future, a path towards a life change, to a career of joy. If you are passionate and committed to taking the leap, you will see the value of your investment many times over. Click "ENROLL" to be taken to your cart to purchase.

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