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Hi there!

My name is Jennifer Davenport & I've been designing for 25 years, own a home decor & furniture store, & run the YouTube channel "Jennifer Decorates."

I always had the eye for interior beauty & the ability to create it in my own home, but a little voice in my head told me I was capable of more...

In the end, it was the encouragement from my beloved husband, Scott, that finally compelled me to take the leap into offering my talents as a service.

I had to learn how to establish a business from scratch- from getting clients to organizing an invoice, it was all new to me. With time & experience came knowledge. Not only did I discover tried & true design principles, but with each project I developed techniques & procedures that helped streamline my work. 

After years of success in my design business, I started "Jennifer Decorates" on YouTube, a channel about design, my store, & various DIY projects.

In 2016, we opened a home decor store named "JD's All About Home" or, JD's for short. 

​My daughter-in-law, Alice, showed a great interest in design. She had been working at JD's from the beginning and got to see first hand how much joy design brought me. She asked if I would teach her, and so I shared with her everything I had learned.


Soon enough she was taking on her own client's and designing beautiful spaces for them to call home. ​

Noticing Alice's success, another employee named Kayla expressed her interest in a design career. I was happy to tutor her as well, giving her the knowledge & confidence she needed to begin designing for clients. 

And just like that, I had two assistant designers who were creating gorgeous homes for satisfied clients.

And finally I realized something: I love to teach design. It's what made creating content for my YouTube channel so enjoyable.

After seeing Alice & Kayla take my instructions & create success for themselves, I knew I wanted to continue sharing with others the path to prosperity & joy through a career in design. 

So, over the course of a full year, I wrote "The Complete Interior Design Course." Filled with business strategies, design principles, & industry secrets, this course is a representation of my 25 years of design knowledge & experience.

Since then, I've worked with devoted students who have taken the leap into becoming designers by taking my course & watched them grow in their abilities & confidence. It has brought me so much joy to watch them thrive, to encourage them like Scott encouraged me.

These days, you'll find me designing homes, managing my store and assistants, and teaching design to those with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. I am fulfilled in what I do, and you can be too. Click the tab "Course" to read more, or, "Contact" if you have questions about what my course has to offer you.


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