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Jennifer’s Christmas Design Course is perfect for interior designers looking to expand their skills to holiday decorating or those looking to make additional income during the holiday season by doing Christmas design. 


In this course, Jennifer will teach you all her Christmas design secrets, share her favorite Christmas vendors, and give some business tips to help you get started!


Her tried and true Christmas design tips will give you inspiration and direction on how to achieve wonderful holiday designs for your clients. Sharing her favorite vendors puts you on a fast track to making a profit and creating spectacular designs like no other, truly putting your name on the map. Her business tips will point you in the right direction so you can maximize your client potential, stay organized, and advertise your skills. 


This course is approximately 40 minutes long and packed with information. Be prepared to take notes, do homework, and watch the additional videos provided to best take advantage of what this course has to offer.


Happy Holidays!

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