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There are many great questions to ask a potential interior design client, but I’m going to share with you the three most important to ask.

  1. “Have you ever worked with a designer before?”

This question gives insight to the client’s previous experiences. If they’ve had several designers before, this could allude to their level of difficulty. Perhaps they’ve never had a designer and will require you to walk them through the process in greater detail. No matter where they fall, this question will help you know more about the client and how to proceed.

  1. “ How hands on do you prefer to be?”

This question will let you know right off the bat how much creative liberty you will have and how often you need to communicate your decision making with the client. Of course, you need to be an open book with every selection you make for the client’s space, but the answer to this question will let you know how often or how in-depth you need to be with your client during the design process.

  1. “What is your budget?”

This one can be difficult to ask, but it is a necessity. You MUST know your client’s budget before taking on a project. Perhaps their budget won’t allow for all the changes they desire, and they need to be aware of that. Perhaps they have a large budget and you can plan on making more substantial changes in the designs. Either way, you must ask for a budget to properly spend the client’s money.

These three questions will help you gauge who your client is and to what degree you will be able to assist them. Don’t be afraid to ask your client these questions, or any others that help to make you aware of the scope of their project and personality. Remember: Your job is to help them, and you can only do that if you are thorough in understanding the client and their needs!


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