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Are you wondering what skills you need to be a great interior designer?

Although there are numerous skills needed to succeed as a designer, let's chat about three skills that most people don't know about.

1. Intuition

Good intuition is evident by your ability to recognize and envision the client's needs and wants. You need to be able to sense things about the client without the client needing to spell it out for you. It's about instinct and subconscious observation. For instance, if they have a ton of photos on their refrigerator door, it's safe to say they love their family. Good intuition would tell you that you should consider a gallery wall of family photos. Being able to read your client and their space is a majorly important skill.

2. Social Skills

You do NOT have to be an extrovert to succeed, but you do need to have warmth and charisma to open people up. It can't be faked- you need to form a genuine bond! This is especially important for when you have a client who IS introverted. You must be comfortable meeting new people and setting them at ease. Good interior designers are naturals at helping carry the conversation.

3. Mediation

So much time is spent as an interior designer balancing between partner's preferred styles. You must be good at creating balance and harmony between people. It's a lot like conflict resolution. You must remain unbiased and not pick a side which would make one partner feel put off or unheard. For instance, in almost every bedroom design I'm hired for, there is a disagreement between the husband and wife about whether or not they should replace the fan with a chandelier. I have to get them to agree on one or the other. Create compromise with kind- never bossy- mediation.

There are many more skills needed to succeed as an interior designer, but these are three skills you need to consider growing if you're going to practice design.


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