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When trying to decide on what services you want to offer to interior design clients, consider these three:

  1. A Paint Consultation

So many people struggle with choosing the correct paint color for their space. It is one of the largest searches on Pinterest because choosing paint can be difficult if you don’t do your research correctly. This is where your expertise comes into play. A paint consultation, when you are educated on paint, is a very easy way to make profit as an interior designer. Not to mention, offering a paint consultation is a fabulous way to get your foot in the door and earn a new client.

  1. Mood Boards

Most designers include mood boards as part of a larger package, but individual mood boards could be offered as well. You would need to have a consultation, whether virtual or in person, with the client to listen to their needs for the space, but once you have gathered your information you could create a mood board for a flat fee. Again, this could lead to them hiring you to continue the design for them, or, inspire the DIYer!

  1. Window Treatments

There is a large profit to be made with custom window treatments. Offer drapery consultations, select fabric options for the client, and have the drapes made by your preferred workroom or seamstress, and then schedule your installer to hang the drapes. This requires very little labor from you and the profit margin is large. (To learn more about offering custom window treatments, check out my online course!)

These three service offerings are great for a beginner interior designer, or a seasoned one! So consider these as options for your services and watch as the clients roll in!


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