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So you have a client on the hook for a consultation- that’s great!

How do you prepare for a consultation in a way that results in being hired?

Well, here are 3 things you can do to help those clients turn into paying customers:

1. Get the details:

Before you go to the client’s home, it’s important you have information about what their design needs are for the space. You can create a questionnaire for your client to fill out, or you can have a set of questions you ask on the phone with them- either way, get the scope of the project. Not only does this help you know what you’re getting into project wise, but it also helps the client determine what their expectations are.

2. Explain your process:

Having a design process in place before your consultation is vital. Your client may say, “I’ve never worked with a designer, what is your process?” and you need to be able to answer them professionally. For instance, you could tell them how you start with an initial consultation, then you present them with mood boards, and once they approve of the designs you will order the products and schedule an installation day. Letting them know the process helps establish you as a professional to the client.

3. Plan for payment

This is a crucial part of preparing for a consultation. I do NOT recommend doing a consultation for free. It tells the client you are willing to do some amount of work for free rather than setting a boundary that says, “My time and talents are valuable.” Let your client know ahead of time that you require payment before the consultation or at the time booking the appointment. This is another way you set a professional standard for your business.

These are three (and there are more) great ways to prepare for your interior design consultation that create an avenue for your clients to become paying customers.

I hope you found these tips helpful and good luck at your interior design consultations!


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