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As a designer of over 25 years, I have made my fair share of mistakes and learned life lessons from them.

Here are 3 important lessons I learned:

1. Know your worth.

Your time and talent is valuable. Do not underestimate that by undercutting

your fees or letting a client walk all over you. In the beginning it can be difficult to remember your worth, but by valuing yourself appropriately, your client will too.

2. Know when to walk away.

I do not recommend making a habit of letting clients go, but know when you're not being respected and learn when it's burden to your mental health. Give yourself permission to walk away. It goes back to #1: know your worth, and know when the job is not worth the burden to your heart.

3. Be confident in your abilities.

I believe humility is a vital quality of a great designer, but so is confidence. Believe in yourself and what you can do. Remember, if this was something the client could do themselves, they would. They have hired you for your talents. If you behave with certainty, your client will appreciate your decisiveness and abilities!

I had to learn these three lessons (and many more) over the years, and really, it all came down to believing in myself, setting healthy boundaries, and balancing servitude with confidence.

Nowadays, I have the confidence required to be professional and valuable to my client, and it has made all the difference!

I teach courage and confidence in my online course, along with all the information you need to start your own successful interior design business. Click "course" at the top of the page to learn more!

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Sep 20, 2023

This is really great advice. I think people assume you aren't going to charge them to tell them how to design their home to be functional, comfortable and stylish. They think your opinion is free. They don't want to pay for your advice. But it's not advice, it's a learned skill and it's your time as well. You need to make sure to let them know that otherwise they might try to discount your worth. I might actually charge by the hour. That way if they want to book me, they have to pay. I can use an app like Taskmaster to charge for my time before going to see the client.

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