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One of the most common conversations I have with potential students goes something like this:

“I loved decorating my own home. My friends ask me to help them decorate their homes. It’s something that really brings me joy. Should I pursue interior design?”

And nine out of ten times, I’m hearing this from middle aged women ready for a different career path. So what is my answer?

Well, let’s talk about the reasons I would recommend this career path:

1. If it was a process you truly enjoyed, interior design lets you do it daily! Your day to day job would be selecting the pieces of the puzzle that go together to make a space complete. Not only that, but having gone through the design process in your own spaces, or friend’s spaces, you understand the steps it takes to complete it- you’re no longer wearing rose colored glasses. It takes work and planning- but if you’ve done it in your own home, you’re already aware of what it takes! If you enjoyed the ins and outs of your project, check this box.

2. If you have a heart for taking care of people, this is the career for you. I say in my course, “take care of people, and the money will come.” Why do I say this? Because at its core, that’s what designers are doing. They are taking care of people’s hearts and providing them with a safe, beautiful place to live and enjoy. It truly is a version of care taking. Seeing their reactions to their transformed space is like nothing else. So if you are someone who seeks out ways to help people, check this box.

3. If you find yourself mentally designing a room when you walk into a space for the first time. This is a big one. If you are taking a look around at how you would design a space differently, perhaps a more suitable layout or updated color scheme, let me tell you, you’ve got a heart for design too. This is a major indicator that you have a brain that works the right way for interior design! If you play designer in your head, check this box.

Do you check these three boxes? That’s big! Those are three great reasons to pursue a new career in interior design!

My life has changed for the better since I started my career 25 years ago. I cannot express the joy interior design has brought me!

If you’re wanting to pursue interior design, get trained, get a community, and get to work!

You’ve got this!!

Watch this video for even more signs you should be an interior designer:


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