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Your reputation as an interior designer is of vital importance and you have to take care of your reputation as an interior designer.

A designers reputation is everything. A negative reputation is incredibly damaging and has the potential to sink your business. Here are some ways to ensure you have the best reputation possible:

1. Put your clients needs first

If you're putting your wants above your clients needs, they will feel it. Your desire for a design's outcome should not outweigh the client's needs for their home. That's not to say you shouldn't always suggest what will make their home look and feel beautiful, but never sacrifice, the client's expressed needs for the sake of the design looking how you would prefer it to. This prioritization of the client's needs will make them feel heard and happy.

2. Mind the budget

You need to spend your client's money carefully and wisely. It is unfortunate that designers have a reputation of spending client's money with little regard for their budget. Change the narrative by saving your client's money when there is opportunity. Over-spending can lead to an erosion of trust and could even lead to losing the client. Take care of your client by respecting their budget- they will appreciate it.

3. Communicate

Poor communication is a quick way to be labeled as unprofessional and frustrate your client. Be easily accessible (within appropriate set boundaries) and give your client updates on your progress. After phone calls, I recommend sending a follow up email reiterating what was said, as this ensures there was no confusion and leaves a paper trail of information you can go back and review. Keeping your client in the loop with their project tells them they are a priority and shows you are organized as well.

These are just three simple ways to help strengthen your reputation as an interior designer.

Take care of your client by listening to their needs for the space, wisely abiding by their budget, and communicating professionally and your reputation will soar!


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