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Do you have a walk-in pantry that needs a makeover? Let me share with you how we remodeled ours!


Over the course of the past several months, my husband and I have been remodeling our kitchen, pantry, and laundry room.

The pantry was the first space to be completed and I'm excited to share it with you!

We decided to tear down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, and we would use the original cabinets in the what would become the walk-in pantry.

This is a great way to save money on a DIY project, because cabinets can be very expensive! If you don't have cabinets to repurpose, check Facebook Marketplace- folks often list their old cabinets there!

So as you can see, the pantry is to the far right of the stove. When the kitchen cabinets come in, there will be a large set of cabinet doors that hide the entry to the pantry.

Here is a photo of Scott hard at work finishing up the drywall.

And a quick moment to praise him- Scott is a precise handyman. He is a jack of all trades and the master of mostly all of them. I am so grateful for this man who makes my visions a reality!

The shape of the pantry is a large square, and one wall has a window facing the front of the house. So we planned to put the repurposed cabinets along the left wall and partially on the wall straight ahead.

One thing we had to tackle was the popcorn ceiling... which had been painted over... If you've ever dealt with popcorn ceilings that have been painted over, then you know, it's practically impossible to get it removed.

So Scott had the fabulous idea to install an inexpensive shiplap paneling on the ceiling and I LOVED it! It gave such character to the little room and was such a smart solution to what would have been hours upon hours of work to remove!

Then we added the repurposed cabinets into the space. I painted them "Coastal Plain" by Sherwin Williams, which is a lovely sage/gray green. I also took the hardware from the cabinets and repurposed those as well by using Rub 'N Buff in Antique Gold. It looks fantastic with the green!

Scott the installed butcher block countertops purchased from the hardware store. I knew I wanted a more vintage, almost cottage feel in this pantry, so butcher block was the perfect addition to complete the vibe I was going for!

I chose and ordered a faux stone paneling for the backsplash. It was so easy to install! I added some grout to it to give it an even more realistic texture. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

If you are a beginner in DIY projects, I highly recommend trying this out! It was so incredibly easy. If you're trying to make something look old and weathered like this stone backsplash, the you really can't mess it up!

Here is a video I made with the exact instructions you need to create a faux stone backsplash! I link every product I used in the description of the video. Check it out!

Here is the completed left side of the completed pantry!

I am so beyond pleased with how this turned out! Having a prepping pantry has allowed me to house some of my more clunky, space hogging appliances like my mixer and Keurig, which will leave the kitchen counters open and clean!

The bottom cabinets house larger serve wares and the upper cabinets hold paper plates and overflowing pantry items that are unsightly or can't be help in jars.

Scott then build these custom shelves for my pantry goods.

He had the great idea of using strip lights to brighten the shelves up and they shine so brightly white! It was such a fantastic idea and I am so pleased with how clean and light it looks.

I chose a mixture of antique jars and newer storage containers to keep things beautifully displayed. I also purchased labels from Etsy to stick on the containers. I highly recommend doing that!

I want to take a moment and talk about using vintage decor. It makes such a difference in creating a custom looking home!

By implementing select vintage or antique finds, you ensure that your home is unique!

Of course there is NOTHING wrong with purchasing things from Target or Home Goods, but think about using vintage items as well.

I love to shop at local antique shops or even Etsy to find unique goods for my home! It's a great way to incorporate personality into a space.

Now if you'd like to see the entire pantry and all the decor I chose, check out this video! It has all the details and links to products I used!


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