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Are you an interior designer wondering why you’re not getting hired? Well, let’s chat about some potential reasons people aren’t pulling the trigger on hiring you!

  1. Your Potential Client Doesn’t Trust You Yet

Emotion is a huge factor in making a purchase, and the same is true for hiring a designer. Think about it- it takes a lot of vulnerability to admit you need help in your home. When someone shows vulnerability, it’s usually in the presence of someone they trust or feel comfortable with. People will hire you when they know who you are and see the value in hiring you. So be personable in how you represent yourself online in combination with showcasing your work. People need to see that you are a helper, not a judger.

2. Your Potential Client Hasn’t Seen You Enough

On average, we need to see something 7 times before we commit to it. So, is your potential client seeing your posts or advertisements consistently? Do you have an online presence? If you do, you don’t have to post every single day, but be consistent- post a few times a week as this shows you are currently in business and taking on clients.

3. Your Potential Client Doesn’t Know What To Do

If the process of hiring you is too complicated, your potential client will give up trying to. Your contact/booking information needs to be easily locatable and understandable. Consider having a video on your website that walks your client through the process of hiring you, or make periodic posts about how to book with you. This type of information needs to be front and center for your potential clients to see.

I hope these tips are helpful! Check out my other blog posts for more information about being an interior designer!


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