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Getting your first interior design clients may seem overwhelming, but I’m going to share some strategies with you that will help you overcome those feelings and land you leads to clients!


Get to know builders, realtors, and store owners in the area. This is huge! 

Other than google, when your clients start searching for a designer, who are they going to ask? Well, if it’s a custom new build home, they will likely ask their builder. If they’re working through a realtor, they’ll ask them. If you have already established a relationship with a builder or realtor, they will be able to suggest your name to their client. Similarly, if they’re shopping for home decor or furniture, or even paint, they may be feeling overwhelmed and ask the store if they recommend anyone who does design.

So don’t be shy about handing your cards out, asking if you can leave brochures on store counters, or even going into offices to introduce yourself personally. When the clients of builders and realtors, or customers of store owners need a designer, your name will be on their list of options.


This one is rather obvious, but necessary. You must have a social media presence. People are going to look for you on social media. So much of our time is spent on social media, and the absence of a social media page does nothing to validate you as a designer. 

When you do create your pages, show your personality! Create a sense of friendship with your followers. This builds trust. Your future client needs to feel an emotional or personal connection to you in some way in order to build trust. They also need to see your work to trust that you have the skills to do what it takes to be their designer.


List your business on industry lead generation and classified sites. Or simply put, make your business searchable by someone seeking out a designer. This is why having a website is vital- your business must be google-searchable. You can also use social media sites to promote your page or posts. 

Advertising is an investment, but it can be a waste of money if you don’t promote correctly. Putting your ad in the paper will not result in the same leads as social media or website promotion. Do your research on which would benefit you more, and invest in the best option. 

Once you start getting leads from a certain form of advertising, I suggest leaning into it to reap all the benefits.

Sharing your card or brochure with local businesses, the time it takes to establish yourself on social media, and the cost of advertising are all necessary investments to land you clients. Consider each avenue and dive into getting your name out there!

You’ve got this!


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